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    What makes Raro designs stand out is the superb craftsmanship in evidence. From the beginning, the sisters conceived a brand that would not only be designed by them, but which would be made to the same rigorous standards seen in antique furniture in the great country houses of England or the palaces of France. To this end, they put together a team of Muslim artisans with skills and techniques handed down over generations traceable to the Mughal rule of sixteenth century India who could achieve the meticulous finishing they required, and set up their own dedicated workshop in their home city of Delhi.

    The fact that every piece is made under one roof means that quality control is high at every stage of the making process. From the first, Rajeeta and Rolly envisioned Raro London as a luxury brand that would be synonymous with quality and craftsmanship of a truly superb level, aiming not only to create furniture editions of note, but ones that would withstand the test of time and become legacy pieces to be handed down through future generations.

    So intense is the making process that some designs may require ten-twelve different craft skills to take them from conception to completion.

    These include intricate wood carving; metalwork in brass, silver or gold; nacre or horn marquetry; gilding, and precious stones set into jewelled detailing. Indeed, one master craftsperson may be responsible for a limited-edition piece in its entirety over the five or six months it takes to make, because the individual sense of artistry required to produce such complex patterns with precision cannot be replicated by another, no matter how skilled. This engenders a very intense and human connection to the furniture pieces, which imbues Raro designs with a sense of soul.



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    +44 (0) 7741 649 955

    London Atelier

    11-12 St. James’s Square
    London SW1Y 4LB

    Who we are

    Who we are

    Sisters Rajeeta and Rolly Gupta founded the House of Raro twenty years ago having
    studied interior design and couture fashion respectively. Taking inspiration from
    luminaries such as Carl Fabergé, Louis-François Cartier and Joel Arthur Rosenthal, the
    two sisters were determined to create legacy furniture pieces without compromising
    quality, creativity or the time needed to produce each piece.

    Everything produced is driven by their passion for exemplary craftsmanship, precious materials, exquisite detailing and luxurious finishes, combined with a desire to put India on the map for limited-edition, collectable furniture. To this end, they travelled the globe looking for the finest materials available including farmed python and alligator skins from the Americas, bison horn and ebony from Africa, jade from the Panjshir mines of Afghanistan, rock crystal from Brazil, couture textiles from Paris and sustainable coral from Sardinia. Their creative palette also features materials for which India is rightly famous, including tropical hardwoods, silver, gold and both precious and semi-precious stones.

    Rajeeta and Rolly take inspiration from around the world, including Japan, South
    America, Europe and Africa, producing pieces that are classic with an undercurrent of
    exoticism and bravado. This is a new aesthetic in the arena of international, collectible
    design, with every edition made to outstanding standards of craftsmanship.

    The Atelier

    Two years ago, Rajeeta and Rolly decided to take their brand to London, launching Raro London from an elegant salon in St James’s (by appointment only). The choice of St James’s was a conscious decision to align the atelier with the world famous art galleries and historic auction houses of the area. The Raro London collection is displayed in a handsome neo-Palladian building, the former residence of Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace and daughter of Lord Byron, against a backdrop of grand architectural features and ornate plasterwork. Here, Raro’s discerning and international clients can see the collections under one roof, within a setting that is both unique and appropriate.